Há 6 meses comecei a trabalhar para uma empresa do exterior e surgiu a dúvida: como receber o pagamento?! Como PF eu tinha problemas como: imposto alto e limite baixo em vários serviços. …

Disclaimer: MvRx (pronounced mavericks) is the Android framework from Airbnb that they use for nearly all product development at Airbnb. I’m not affiliated with them. This month, it’s celebrating 1 year and Airbnb 11 years, happy birthday to both!

Since I became an Android developer in the start of 2017…

Disclaimer: I’m an Android developer, I have ~1000 stars in GitHub from projects using Kotlin and I love Kotlin. I also hate both Android and iOS UI and I’m glad Swift and Compose UI are coming soon.. eventually.

Every native Android developer loves to throw some fire at Flutter, from…

Bernardo Ferrari

Computer scientist & mobile developer.

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